Jessie McGuire, Phoenix Playing the National Anthem

2012 October Perryville, KY (Chad Greene event) 2012 September AnDtietam, MD (Chris Anders event) 2012 May McDowell, VA (Scot Buffington Federal Commander) 2012 April Shiloh, TN (BGA event, make sure you go to the correct one!) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lot's of fun but bad organization on the WCNBF's part. Ouch. 2011 August 10-14, Wilson's Creek National Campaign Event: SW Missouri (near Springfield MO)

Cleburne's Division Wilson's Creek
Wilson's Creek National Battlefield Foundation (REGISTRATION)
Wilson's Creek National Battlefield
HOT HOT HOT HOT 2011 July 20-25, Manassas VA National Event, adjacent to Brawner's Farm battlefield on Pageland Lane. Am leaving NOW.....

Twin Rivers was an awesome time. AAR to be posted (need to figure out how to do that.....seperate page and a link, right).

2010 November 11-14, Twin Rivers Campaign Event: NW Mississippi (near Mempiss) Twin Rivers!

Twin Rivers Campaign November 11 - 14, 2010

2010 August 27-29 Return to Manassas:Elizabethtown, PA RTM

2009-DEC-28 Neal Rudy's: Bugle calls for Dummies

2009-DEC-27 Fifer Extraordinaire Dr. Steven Smunt's new ACW Music Website: NE Illinois ACW MUSIC Site

2009 OCT 3-4 Cantigny, Wheaton, IL Big Red One Museum encampment.

Bugling News (May 22, 2008):

Where's Waldo? Three buglers sounding.... (2 turtle doves...)

3 Buglers, Stand of Ticks, KCMO, May 17, 2008

(gee, those Gray horses really stand out, don't they?)

<< photograph by Diana Edens-Seba owner of Red Leg Studio ,>>

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Non-Bugler Signals Manuals now available!

Jan-Henrik Berger copper clairons are available (Key of C, Bb Pigtail crook) from Jan-Herik at!

He also has Authentic bugle cords/tassels.....all natural materials!

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The "Functional Bugler Specification" is now available for downloading. Complete with pictures of acceptable period instruments, it's a 1 Mb Zipped MS Word file. You can e-mail us about getting a paper version mailed to you. This article is really a "How to be an ACW bugler" manual, without going into super detail or taking away from true buglers manuals. See the Resources page to download.

We are a group of reenactor buglers and bugling enthusiasts whose purpose is to increase the quantity, quality, and use of bugle calls in ACW reenacting up to historical (i.e. Authentic) levels. The quality of buglers and instruments is on the rise due to our grass roots efforts to organize a national Buglers group. If you have a reenacting event, we can get you a Brigade Bugler or Chief Bugler for the event. Contact us and we will try to get you a bugler.

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