Clairon d'Ordonnance
The French Military Bugle since the early 1800's has been the Clairon d'Ordonnance: a Fluegel Horn. Do not confuse the term clairon with clarion (an heraldic trumpet). The clairon is a valveless brass instrument and features a 5.25" - 6" dia. bell, single coil (loop), conically bored tubing, tuneable receiver with setscrew, key of Bb, and a big sound. Overall length from Bell to receiver is 19", height is 5.5" without the bell.

American instrument makers copied or imported THOUSANDS of clairons to meet the needs of ALL Civil War manuever elements....Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry, Engineers, and even Naval buglers have been photographed with the big-belled bugle in their hands.
The majority of American Clairons were in the Key of C, Copper with Brass Fittings, a Brass Garland (the ring around the bell), single coil, and a one piece receiver. A 'pigtail crook' was provided that placed the horn into the key of Bb. the pigtail was used in camp to allow the bugler to tune with other band instruments, and produce a more majestic tone than the higher pitched C bugle.
More than half of the Imported clairons were in C. Couesnon, the renowned modern Jazz Fluegel Horn builder, still makes clairons.

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